Welsh Mountain Zoo

Situated on the hillside overlooking Colwyn Bay, the Welsh Mountain Zoo opened on 18th May 1963 - the realisation of a dream for the Zoo's founder Robert Jackson.

The site for the Zoo, Flagstaff Gardens, had previously been open to visitors but only on a very small scale.  It contained a tiny car park and one narrow access road - currently used as the Zoo's exit drive.  It had the advantage of pleasant informal gardens and magnificent views but it was clear that the challenge of creating a modern Zoo on the site was an enormous one.

Following the death of Robert Jackson the reins of the Zoo were taken up by his wife, Margaret Jackson and their three sons.

Major development work was undertaken throughout the 1970's. By the early 1980's it was possible to implement Robert Jackson's final ambition, and a new educational charity was formed, The Zoological Society of Wales, which took over the interests and operation of the old Zoo Company in 1983.

For more information visit www.Welshmountainzoo.org

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